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Glamorous Outcasts

David Ronhel.

hikimori is an outcast

when I met David
he woke up that tingly feeling in me
that someone famous once described as
“I don’t want to be a member of the club that easily accepts me”

David DID NOT ACCEPT ME at first site… But I am proud to admit that I have earned his respect :) He is my Guru and I am so proud to have worked under him and learned from him.

For a big part of our Street Art Museum Amsterdam, does come from David and, OF COURSE, Nathalie’s inspiration. They were one of the first, together with Stinkfish and Btoy to tell us: Do It*

Am so proud … so so proud*


E.L.K. descends on the Archibald – again - Canberra CityNews.

"Since then Cornish has become the highest selling Australian street artist, selling his portrait of Father Bob at the Bonhams Auction of Important Australian Art and has recently toured the war zones of Lebanon collecting content for his first international solo show, ‘Louder Than Words’ in London at Stolen Space Gallery this coming August."

mi Princessas*
mi Contessas*
mi Hard Boys*
mi Decadentos*

i love you*

Happy Father’s Day 

from all of us in Amsterdam Nieuw-West

to all of the Fathers around the world!

The birds are singing just for YOU!

Getting Horizontal in Nieuw-West (Windmill Windup)

imageYes, it’s all about your body and the wind.  Amsterdam Nieuw-West is a perfect place to explore the power of us, especially when it comes to sports, cultures and nature.  


Neither Nieuw-West nor the Windmill Windup event (celebrating 10 years anniversary now) are on the map of iAmsterdam yet, but it’s not for long, I’m sure.  


The news of this cult, cheap, organic and full of exciting people from all over the world, the biggest in Europe gathering of professional hobbyists specialising in Ultimate lifestyle, and in particular: Frisbee, will spread before you know it.


Few Facts:

  • over 2000 people came to the event from EurAsia to USA
  • 90% of the competition is self-sponsored
  • this is a non-profit volunteer driven venture
  • all the products and food are hand-made and organic
  • there is plenty of food and activities for all ages and sizes


When a friend of a friend of a friend asked me to host a Russian couple, of course I said ‘yes’ : another chance to talk about my Street Art Museum :)  But instead, they have educated ME about MY hood!


Here’s France vs Ukraine:  Dyki Crali have the coolest pants :)image

Some other shots from the game:



Attire is important but is self Sponsored.  I also got a t-shirt!





Food is good.  Not a lot of choices, but healthy salads, smoothies, good coffee and a bar are all at hand’s reach, AND it’s organic and hand-made on a spot. This means Fresh and Nutritious!


It is a shame that I’ve only got a glimpse of the activities, but Next year, I’m buying a ticket and definitely hanging out for the rest of the event! 




You can see the full photo reportage here: ON FLICKR

new track from the legendary Crack Family GZ (Bogota, Colombia)

Nieuw-West : Street Art Museum Amsterdam are working on the New Project

Today we have received an official confirmation of interest in one of our ideas (!)  The place was scouted and we know all the details!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

Welcome to, located in Nieuw-West a place full of surprises*

Tales of the Nine - Street Art Museum turned 2 today!

Still here (2013) #stinkfish #streetartmuseumamsterdam #graffiti #streetart #spui #amsterdam

Great interview with APC*


Stinkfish, Pau, Zas : streets and freedom of artistic expression

"In every century, the way that artist form are structured reflects the way in which science or contemporary culture views reality". Umberto Eco "The optics of the Open Work" / 1962

Glamorous Outcasts turned 2 today!

(Source: assets)

Het 'slettenstigma' kleeft alleen aan impopulaire meisjes - AMSTERDAM - PAROOL.

De dubbele moraal ten opzichte van seksueel gedrag van jongens en meisjes zit er bij tieners al in?

'Ja. Die dubbele moraal zit ingebed in de maatschappij en dus pikken kinderen die op. Uit reclamespotjes, films, van ouders en van elkaar. Uit mijn onderzoek blijkt dat die normering de geldende populariteitshiërarchie op school doorkruist; het slettenstigma kleeft alleen aan impopulaire meisjes. Ik sprak bijvoorbeeld Merel, een populair meisje uit 4 havo. Zij ziet er volwassen uit en gaat in het weekend naar de Escape met haar fake-ID. Ze vertelde hoe ze daar op een jongen was afgestapt, bij hem op schoot was gaan zitten en met hem had gedanst en gezoend. Haar klasgenoten zijn vol bewondering over haar lef en zien Merel niet als slet.'


Ook deze maand hebben we een bijzondere, Engelstalige blog van ‘s Neerlands bodem gevonden.

Tales of the Nine is een street-art project in Amsterdam Slotermeer en wordt door straatartiesten van over de hele wereld ontworpen en gerealiseerd. Je vindt op de gelijknamige blog meer informatie over het project en een aantal van deze kunstwerken.

Beeld: Inner-Light door Skount