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Glamorous Outcasts


Ks-Ks by StinkFish*

This photo Ksenia Okorokova (i called her Ks-Ks) gave me for my 15th birthday, on a day of my birthday.  My mom did not want to give me a party and we celebrated it together in her apartment, just the 2 of us.  We stole 1 bottle of champagne and did not know how to open it - I pulled the cork with my teeth.  It hit me hard in a throat and we got very scared.  We cried and then laughed.  Then she said that we need to commemorate this moment and Ks-Ks found her ‘best’ picture and made a dedication: 

"for the good memory of little Anechka - in a day of her birthday from Ks-Ks. Live! Have great health!  and never forget.  14.2.1989"

She died on 30-11-1991, exactly 1 week after her 18th birthday.

I did not go to her birthday party (i was a little bit lazy to travel from Kiev). 
1 week later I went to her funeral (shame I carry with me until today).
StinkFish made her eternal.