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Glamorous Outcasts


PachaMama with her Tolerance has gone global(!)

Today the miracle New West of Amsterdam has been waiting for has finally happened, thanks to the collaboration between Tales of the Nine (local residents initiative) project and ALANIZ (Argentina/Berlin), Rochdale housing corporation and Eigen Wijks foundation.

A beautiful story based on a group of incredible people has been told in the manner they had deserved for so long and despite the reference by local politicians to these same residents as 2nd graded burgers ….

We certainly don’t feel like that at all.  Keep watching us, and how we find the new ways to glamourise our beloved hood.

Tales of the Nine, Glamorous Outcasts, KidZArt

Thank you, 

STREET ART UTOPIA and photographer Iván Krzysztof for putting the spotlight on this amazing mural.