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TOLERANCE: Pachamama & the Community Table 

Pachamama’s Tolerance has taken OVER, despite financial set backs: rejection from OranjeFonds for 500euro support and no cash advance from Rochdale or Eigen Wijks.  Dianne and the artists, the residents - all chipped in from their own money to honour the commitments ….

The making of the Community Table outside of the Pachamama Mural by Ema Alaniz (Argentina/Berlin) is going ahead.   El Chico Iwana and friends, Dianne, Johan, El Theo and kids, all gathered together to deliver on the commitment made to the residents.

Cleaning, cutting, playing, learning - it’s all happening, right and and right now.

Come and join us for a cup of soup and a recipe exchange between 15:00 - 17:00 - you  will love it :)