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UvA: Art & Conflict: Beyond Banksy

Introduction: Nieuw-West 2010-2013

Tales of the Nine is an open air museum created by the local residents on the streets of Nieuw-West.  It was done to fill in the gap between all the top-down administrative initiatives sponsored by the newly (2010) elected government.  The reason was simple:  whilst the white and wealthy had debates and activities, we, the majority, were left behind to dance at low-budget ‘gelukigdisco’.  image

The first year, we, the residents, have financed the idea ourselves.  By the 2nd year, we acquired some supporters and learned how to ‘cheat the system’. In the 3rd year we had gained national and international acclaim, followed by basic funding from gemeente, mainly Freek Ossel’s budget for Samenwerking and Community Art.  We are super grateful to Dogan, Stascha and Freek for their support and trust in us.


24 murals around Slotermeer/Geuzenveld have been painted on a budget of ±30,000euro whilst initiatives like NewWestOpen that also made claims to the open air museum had received ±160,000euro and left no trail except a photoshopped logo on our work:


Case Study:  Let’s bring in the Auditors

When Richard Gerritsen, a teacher at UvA, contacted us to participate in the innovative program he was contemplating, we eagerly said: YES.  Who better than the students not connected to the project or area so far could evaluate the information that governmental …. are feeding us vs. achievements (or not) we have managed?  


"If it was not for this assignment, I would never have come here" said one of the youngsters on the way to Tante Ali Buurthuis, our HQ and starting point of the project.  None of the ±25 people who came to visit Slotermeer knew about Van EesterenMuseum or other ‘hip Berlin-like’ activities Paulus de Wilt and his civil servants have been paying for to promote in mainstream media.


Does this mean that initiatives such as Nieuw-West Open, GastVrij Nieuw-West, Nice-Nieuw-West, etc. despite huge budgets for bought media and unconditional support by the government did not manage to communicate to the UvA students who they were and what they did?  Did they NOT MANAGE to put Nieuw-West on the map and ignite the rest of Amsterdam?  SHAME? 


Here’s the nut we asked the Youth to crack:

Art & Conflict: Beyond Banksy

Conflict, Negotiation and Governance

Introduction to Conflict Studies

Socionext: Social Entrepreneurship Challenge

Case-holder: Street Art Museums Amsterdam Nieuw-West – Glamorous Outcasts & Tales of the Nine

Tales of the Nine: Tales of the Nine, street art museum in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, has around 20 mural artwork and stories. Each story is told by means of monumental mural(s) and a program of workshops and neighborhood tours to engage and inspire the residents. In the past years the project has gained a lot of publicity. Such as: an article in Het Parool, Nieuw Amsterdam Magazine, Gaset and Westerpoort, and also Hart van Nederland and NOS (website) gave the project a good mention.

Problem:  For Tales of the Nine around 20 mural artworks have been created in the past two years, and more to come. The artworks always get positive feedback from people passing by, local residents, art lovers and also media attention. Feedback such as that it brightens up the neighborhood, it gives more color to the area, finally something positive, new and exciting, etc. There is however very little recognition from the decision makers. We are unsure as to why. Is it because decision makers are not equipped? Do they have a good knowledge of urban environments and art? Does the 70% ‘sociale huurwoning’ scenario has an impact? (it is more difficult when a wall is a ‘huurwoning’) What are the skills and competencies required for the future decision makers? There does not seem to be a harmonious equilibrium or consensus as to priorities and importance of art in public space.  The project gets ignored and/or rejected by some institutions.

Question:  Why is that there is a lack of recognition by decision makers (local government and establishments).

Case Study:  Also in 2014 the project will have more mural artworks to be created. Just like the previous years, the project organization will try and work closely with the decision makers to further realize the artworks, and put Nieuw-West on the map through art. The students will have a glimpse in the process from beginning till (hopefully) end. So: idea, artist selection, mural selection, meetings with decision makers, financial support, etc.

Evaluation is the key.  

and we cannot wait to hear the results —- STAY TUNED*

Known Stakeholders:

Foundation Glamorous Outcasts

Anna Stolyarova

mobile: +31 639 48 28 22

Borough Nieuw-West

Alderman  art & culture: Paulus de Wilt

Policy advisor Art and Culture - Coordinator Events

Martijn de Graaf

Policty advisor Samen & Participatie Nieuw-West

Stascha Nelis

Alderman Westpoort/Nieuw-West

Freek Ossel

Borough coordinator

Dogan Oorthuis

Freelance Advisor to the municipality on art in pubic space

Iris Dik

Housing Corporations

De Alliantie (Maaike)

Rochdale (Milosj)

Stadgenoot (Marieke)

Local culture organisations:

Van EstereenMuseum

020 447 1857


06 24641400 (programma)

020 2538105 (Stadsdeel Nieuw-West)

Tante Ali (Johan)

EigenWijks (Mare/Dick)


Skount (from Spain, but lives in Amsterdam, and has done 3 mural artworks for the project so far)  

Meet Malaysia's answer to Banksy.

Across the water from wealthy Singapore is the Malaysian city of Johor Bahru, known as one of the country’s crime hot spots. Late last Thursday evening, 27-year-old street artist Ernest Zacharevic was at work on a wall there with his spray can. Zacharevic is from Lithuania but is a permanent resident of Malaysia, and is well-known in the region for his street art.

Xmas came early this year*

"real live boy".

"A fibreglass replica of Ronald McDonald having his shoes shined by a real live boy. The sculpture will visit the sidewalk outside a different McDonalds every lunchtime for the next week. Today: South Bronx.”

Kunst RAI has opened 30/05 - 30/06.

On a railway station between platforms 1 and 2, Cult Club and ArtKitchen have hijacked a place and have an incredible selection of things to buy AND TO LOOK AT, PLAY WITH.

StinkFish, Banksy, Hugo Kaagman and others are amongst the playlist.

Catch it if you Can! 


"people meet by the way they dress, and separate by the way they think" my grandma