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Glamorous Outcasts



the fame and success of international artist - painter, writer, photographer - BTOY Andrea (Barcelona) is truly global*

we are proud that the first portrait of Jesse - a nineteen year-old innovator, student from HMC, Amsterdam - was painted by BTOY - our STAR for the STARs*


Doe Mee en Geef Westpoort Smoel! - BTOY Andrea @ HMC (hout- en meubileringscollege amsterdam)

Thanks to amazing team at HMCollege we managed to start the first painting on time and without glitches: from wood panel to projector to lovely healthy food to welcoming personnel to curious students.  It has even snowed today for the first time!

The 1st SMOEL with the blessing of OGA, HMC, ORAM and a Snow Queen is Officially ON!

each picture like a mock-rainbow as much an Individual, as those in Life itself remarkably distinct

Those of other Poets have a constant resemblance, which shows that they received them from one another, and were but multipliers of the same image; each picture like a mock-rainbow is but the reflection of a reflection. 

But every single character in Shakespeare is as much an Individual, as those in Life itself; it is as impossible to find any two alike; and such as from their relation or affinity in any respect appear not to be Twins, will upon comparison be found remarkably distinct.

A. Pope

Nicer than Nice

This week, BTOY Andrea and Uriginal Barcelona have visited Amsterdam.

The creative duo were quite busy:

-  bar lounge in Spaarendammer hood

-  green grocer in Vlugltlaan

-  past ups in the centre and around New West

For all those treasure hunters - there is enough to do through the sunny days!  Explore our Amsterdam, in another way!