Install Theme

Glamorous Outcasts


“ Steph: Going to be one of the faces?
Jimmy: What do you mean going to be? I AM one of the faces! ”


Quadrophenia (1979)

Director:  Franc Roddam

Writers: Dave Humphries (screenplay), Martin Stellman(screenplay)

Stars:  Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash and Philip Davis

(via artches)

(via artches)

generation gap

"… we are presented with objects of an arresting novelty whose why and wherefore engrosses our minds, and fills us with delight and fear. All these objects of modern life create, in the long run, a modern state of mind.

Bewilderment seizes us, then, if we bring our eyes to bear on the hold and rotting buildings that form our snail-shell, our habitation, which crush us in our daily contact with them - putrid and useless and unproductive … “

Le Corbusier, “Towards a New Architecture” (1923)

‘RUINS’, Documents on Contemporary Art, edited by Brian Dillon (2011)