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artches: getting started

It feels like yesterday: the first sight of the bridge’s gorgeous pillars, the first nervous phone call to NS offices, the first trembling meeting at OGA, the first public appearance at Bedrijven Congress, the first architectural drawings at Urban Symbiose, the first painting by StinkFish at NDSM, the first public painting by Btoy at HMC, the first full of anticipation meeting at ProRail.   

Almost 3 years has passed in waiting and filling in paperwork, working out details and answering 1,001 questions.  Waiting for what?



This means that 3 years of our hard work, perseverance and determination, as well as A LOT OF faith, have paid off.  We have a permission for 3 YEARS to display 12 paintings on the luxurious pillars of Sloterdijk Bridge.  

We can change the paintings every year or we can keep the favourites.  We can expand the number of pillars. We can reach to ReedElsevier. We can cross the road to Tales of the Nine, Nieuw-West Amsterdam (!)

The potential of the project, now that we have this UNIQUE VERGUNNING, is unlimited.

We are very proud, excited and grateful to all those who helped us to get here.



the fame and success of international artist - painter, writer, photographer - BTOY Andrea (Barcelona) is truly global*

we are proud that the first portrait of Jesse - a nineteen year-old innovator, student from HMC, Amsterdam - was painted by BTOY - our STAR for the STARs*

First Portrait for Artches at HMC*



Artches - the making of  - SNEAK PREVIEW

This video is still work in progress, but it gives an idea of what we are working on.


stinkfish* (colombia)

is working on the 1st canvas for Artches opening in 2012

work in progress

stay tuned…

Sloterdijk Centrum : Reachable

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, it’s only a day away!

Last week Glamorous Outcasts visited the meeting between the local municipality and the landowners of the Westpoort area of Amsterdam.  An interesting proposal, number 4 by now, has been put forward : 

-  stay

-  variation

-  anchoring

As an investor in real estate, we opt for the long term. During the difficult market conditions in 2002 Neddex purchased the building RadarPort and has since invested a lot to the building especially to meet the needs of companies and institutions that rent the office space here and had grown to love. The current strategy for the region of Teleport has amplified our confidence to increase investment in the building and thus the success of Teleport.”  Marcel Tilro - Director Neddex

Glamorous Outcasts presented the ARTCHES Open Art Galerry idea and were fortunate enough to hear from the landowners themselves what the requirements would be if they were to support the making of the project.

We are now busy with making a small booklet outlining the final result and benefits to the companies in Sloterdijk Area.

Vamos, Vamos, Aganar!