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Glamorous Outcasts


Nieuw-West : Street Art Museum Amsterdam are working on the New Project

Today we have received an official confirmation of interest in one of our ideas (!)  The place was scouted and we know all the details!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

Welcome to, located in Nieuw-West a place full of surprises*

Still here (2013) #stinkfish #streetartmuseumamsterdam #graffiti #streetart #spui #amsterdam


Stinkfish, Pau, Zas : streets and freedom of artistic expression

"In every century, the way that artist form are structured reflects the way in which science or contemporary culture views reality". Umberto Eco "The optics of the Open Work" / 1962

Legal Bodies: Corpus / Persona / Communitas

In May, 15-17, LUCAS (the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society) will host a conference on the various ways in which literary and artistic texts have represented, interrogated or challenged judicial notions of ‘personhood’.  

Herewith is the abstract of the 20 minutes lecture that Glamorous Outcasts have submitted:

In my lecture I shall argue that in Arts just like in Life, when each person made himself the center, society dissolved.  An art collective that acquires ‘personhood’ or ‘branding’ in an organic, rather than fabricated way, has a chance at sustainable growth.

From the Middle Ages through the eighteenth century, artists survived through the support of patrons; their social position varied along a line that ran from servant to retainer to courtier, ornament, or state official.  In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, artist had often belonged to guilds, but during the 19th century, these relations receded with the aristocratic social order that had spawned them.  Like other social groups, artists and writers found themselves participants in a commercial market, a world of buying and selling from which they had been mostly excluded or protected before.

By contrast the artists within the art communities today reflect different profiles. Anonymous originated in 2003, representing the concept of many online and offline community users simultaneously existing as an anarchic, global brain. “They have a purpose or cause, it is not for personal monetary gain are known for.”   “I created the Animal Power Culture (APC) with my friend Aeon (Third World Pirate) at some point between 2006-2007. We came up with the idea to make up a crew without rules or defined styles, which could grow as a large family of animals of different races and backgrounds. There were only the two of us for a while. Today we are about 30 animals in Colombia, Mexico, United States, Brazil, Venezuela, Guatemala, Spain, Holland and Argentina.”   

APC crew is a heterogeneous group of talents: artists, writers, video, music makers, innovators, travellers, and activists.  And they are invisible as individuals but highly recognizable as APC on the streets worldwide.  Their mission is to reclaim the streets and create art for people who cannot afford the high prices of museums and are not invited to the gallery openings: the majority of urban population.  “The best part is that moment when I finish packing everything and start to walk away from the wall with complete certainty that I painted the wall I want as I wanted, at the right time and without any permission”, StinkFish* 

Artists/activists occupation could be summed as: global, organic, not adhering to a specific manifesto, not listed, propagating the new society requiring a new mentality and a new form of art and literature.  

Nuevo Atlas de Colombia : StinkFish

It is always amazing to see our friends-artists making mark on the world and changing the boundaries of perception of our reality.  


Last year, 2013, StinkFish has made his mark in many places:

  • Vienna
  • Paris
  • Amsterdam
  • Moscow
  • Milan
  • Nepal
  • India, to name a few


But it is in his own country, COLOMBIA, that this incredible talent has left the most prominent tag!  

We are proud of you, brother.   Big hug!  and thank you for your help in Tales of the Nine and Artches

#stinkfish #streetartmuseumamsterdam Berlin 2013 ♥¤♥

#stinkfish #streetartmuseumamsterdam BRAZIL*

Rome, Florence, Bologna

"would you like to go and live somewhere else?"

During AmsterdamseDroom speech, Pieter Hilhorst, referring to the statistics on the true state of Amsterdam, mentioned examples of people switching their post-code in order to get access to better schooling, culture, well-being.  Glamorous Outcasts went as far as Italy, the collapsing gardens of inspiration, to reflect on Heritage, Gentrification and Innovation.


"I would not be found dead in Nieuw-West", said one of the executives sanctimoniously sipping champagne.  That statement, lead us to Rome, for "If there be a hell, Rome is built over it" 57 Proverbs with Rome


Rome is a fascinating and one of the most visited cities in the world. ”Between the Temple of Saturn and that of Castor and Pollux, on the south side of the Forum, stood the Julian Basilica…  Today, unfortunately, all that remains of the Julian Basilica is the podium, steps and bases of the columns and pillars …

Testimony to the life of the past that the visitor should not miss are the graffiti cut into some steps towards the Forum:  the so-called tabulae lusoriae, meaning the fields of draughts, morris, etc., with which idlers whiled away the time.  

It should be remembered that the Forum was not just the arena of business, politics and the administration of justice, but also the place of social focus for the common people of Rome.


This made us feel nostalgic and catapulted the crew right back to our Amsterdam, the ARTCHES, with hopefully 2014 being the year of actual production.  Rome might have Heritage, but we are only beginning to build Ours*



Florence:  The World’s Museum of the Renaissance.  Tales of the Nine - Amsterdam City’s Museum of Street Art….  We liked the resonance of that and followed our instinct to the heart of God and Money.  ”As the first home of the Rennaissance Florence can fairly lay claim to be the mother of modern Europe”, Norman Davies, Europe:  a History.


Tales of the Nine, and what will become known in 2014 as Street Art Museum of Amsterdam (nieuw-) West, has risen out of frustration and rebellion against bleak walls of Slotermeer/Geuzenveld.  Artches, the Westpoort part of the Museum, was created for same reason but in struggle with the grey cement.  


"In its broadest outlines, the Renaissance sprang from a long, slow rebellion agains the kind of life which had existed during the so-called Dark Ages, and the earlier Middle Ages.  This had been an agricultural and socially rigid life controlled in great part by a Christian Church government centred in Rome.


Instead of an attempt to reform the Church, as were earlier protests, the Renaissance began as a secular detachment from Church authority, a lay reform of ordinary, everyday Christian life.  

It continued and blossomed as a cultural movement and a period of transition, across the whole of Europe.  All aspects of life were reformed to adapt to the new liberal attitude towards society itself, the Papacy, and towards the growing interest in Man and Nature which displaced the slowly waning interest in Christianity.


At the beginning of the Renaissance in about 1400, Europe was still dominated by the Christian religion and by Christian ideas.  By is end in 1530, at least in Florence, religion and Christianity had become dominated by trade, science, and civil politics.”



Bologna - “The city, the first settlements of which date back to at least 1000 BC, has always been an important urban centre”.  The first of the most progressive European Universities known is Bologna.


There is another very interesting fact about this ‘student city’ - most of its area is covered by ARCHES:  the artistically designed ‘roof extensions’ over the pavement walks.  Rain, snow, wind - does not matter - once can enjoy the stroll and myriad of not-matching lights and decorations.  


Bologna is also the first city close to Amsterdam that boasts with Street Art Museum created by the Art Professor of Bologna University in order to put spotlight on the areas full of migrants and seeking positive exposure.  


What differentiates Amsterdam Street Museum from Bologna?  Distance.  The first word that comes to mind.  Our, Amsterdam Museum, is located within walking distance and can be packaged as 1-3 hours tour without use of the car or non-eco transport.  In Bologna one definitely needs a car to shlap you from one side of the city to the other.  


In Amsterdam, one can see the difference of styles and influences from Latin America, Europe, East - as our collection is growing every year, in comparison to Bologna where 13 artists had been chosen (majority are local) with no follow-up on the project so far.  All in all, our museum scored higher, although it would be great to have M-City in Amsterdam in 2014 for Abstracts: Geometry acquisition (wink-wink).


Stinkfish in New-West Amsterdam

Our neighbourhood belongs TO BE ON THE MAP*

*converting the urban rhythms of the city, through the gentle touch of finger tips, into the harmony of nature*

Dozhd’ (Дождь)

Дождь, звонкой пеленой наполнил небо майский дождь.
Гром, прогремел по крышам, распугал всех кошек гром.
Я открыл окно, и веселый ветер разметал все на столе -
Глупые стихи, что писал я в душной и унылой пустоте.

Грянул майский гром и веселье бурною, пьянящею волной
Окатило: “Эй, вставай-ка и попрыгай вслед за мной.
Выходи во двор и по лужам бегай хоть до самого утра.
Посмотри как носится смешная и святая детвора.”

Капли на лице - это просто дождь, а может плачу это я.
Дождь очистил все и душа захлюпав, вдруг размокла у меня.
Потекла ручьем прочь из дома к солнечным некошеным лугам.
Превратившись в парус, с ветром полетела к неизведанным, мирам.

И представил я: город наводнился вдруг веселыми людьми.
Вышли все под дождь, хором что-то пели, и плясали, черт возьми.
Позабыв про стыд и опасность после с осложненьем заболеть,
Люди под дождем, как салют, встречали гром - весенний первый гром.

Marion Bolognesi + Stinkfish

                          Marion Bolognesi + Stinkfish

Collaboration with *Marion Bolognesi*

:: 011 - 012 ::

Ks-Ks by StinkFish*

This photo Ksenia Okorokova (i called her Ks-Ks) gave me for my 15th birthday, on a day of my birthday.  My mom did not want to give me a party and we celebrated it together in her apartment, just the 2 of us.  We stole 1 bottle of champagne and did not know how to open it - I pulled the cork with my teeth.  It hit me hard in a throat and we got very scared.  We cried and then laughed.  Then she said that we need to commemorate this moment and Ks-Ks found her ‘best’ picture and made a dedication: 

"for the good memory of little Anechka - in a day of her birthday from Ks-Ks. Live! Have great health!  and never forget.  14.2.1989"

She died on 30-11-1991, exactly 1 week after her 18th birthday.

I did not go to her birthday party (i was a little bit lazy to travel from Kiev). 
1 week later I went to her funeral (shame I carry with me until today).
StinkFish made her eternal.  


StinkFish* in Amsterdam

It is lovely to walk down the streets of Amsterdam and find an old friend still here and there!

Every poster provides an amazing photo opportunity, keep looking out for one of your own.

Bastardilla & Stinkfish collaboration in Spui, Amsterdam


stinkfish* (colombia)

is working on the 1st canvas for Artches opening in 2012

work in progress

stay tuned…

BACK 2 THE STREETS, Amsterdam 2012


Urban Stylistix presents a new club and culture concept inviting an eclectic line-up of national and international Urban Artists and local heroes of the Amsterdam Dubstep and Drum’n Bass scene alongside video artists and VJs.

The event kicks off with an exhibition at StudioK Gallery presenting new and fresh artwork of Amsterdam’s high-rollers BUSTART and LASER 3.14, Paris’ finest artists l’ATLAS and TANC, Graffiti and Urban Art kings SHEZ and DANZEL from Basel as well as Columbia’s striking talent STINKFISH. 

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