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Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you the latest of the best*  Bastardilla from Mexico*

Beautiful work by Skount.  Young and very prolific artist from Spain is currently residing in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  It is extremely refreshing to see new work that puzzles one’s mind and makes one search for more.  Well done, Raul*

Installation done in collaboration with Juan Garcia and Ángeles Pereira at the Art space of  "La Casa del Rector" in Almagro (Spain)
This installation is part of the “Chromatic constructivism” series, you can check more here
Rocking in the Art World.

"We don’t want to give the impression that just because you can’t afford to buy, we don’t want you around."

I.O  LaIra*

APC Collective proud present the freshest of the fresh from the lowest to the highest amazing work by our beloved LaIra - THE ARTIST*

Baroque the Streets: Dulwich Street Art - Jenikya's Blog.

amazing works, cannot wait to visit London now

Geef Westpoort Smoel - Social Cohesion

everybody is INVOLVED…. How else do you start a dialogue?

each picture like a mock-rainbow as much an Individual, as those in Life itself remarkably distinct

Those of other Poets have a constant resemblance, which shows that they received them from one another, and were but multipliers of the same image; each picture like a mock-rainbow is but the reflection of a reflection. 

But every single character in Shakespeare is as much an Individual, as those in Life itself; it is as impossible to find any two alike; and such as from their relation or affinity in any respect appear not to be Twins, will upon comparison be found remarkably distinct.

A. Pope


"people meet by the way they dress, and separate by the way they think" my grandma

blue elvis

inspired by ‘out of focus’ @ Saatchi Gallery in London

taken at the ‘walk of fame’ behind Bacon Street, Brick Lane, London 29-04-2012

Streets are magic!

“ I am in love with the liminal, third-space, left-over parts which are often right in the middle of the most vital parts of the city, but sometimes tucked away a little more. I like areas where people are doing a lot of walking. Advertising is always trying to place itself a million miles above us, looming down with the shiniest flashiest most disconnected depictions of beauty, just out of reach like the rest of its promises. I find myself trying to get down below that, at eye level, where people are walking and to depict the life that exists here at the bottom edge, our ordinary reality as it remains connected to the ground. ”

—    SWOON in URBAN ILLUSTRATION BERLIN (street art city guide), 2009


Nicer than Nice

This week, BTOY Andrea and Uriginal Barcelona have visited Amsterdam.

The creative duo were quite busy:

-  bar lounge in Spaarendammer hood

-  green grocer in Vlugltlaan

-  past ups in the centre and around New West

For all those treasure hunters - there is enough to do through the sunny days!  Explore our Amsterdam, in another way!