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We had it all at Westside Culture Club on Sunday 21/09/2014.

Fashioning an Object, aka Westside Community Culture Club - where the exposition and opening event take place, is exactly what our own mission was based on: Glamorising New West by taking something out of the spot-light and turning it into a self-made stylish fit for all: old, new, foreign, local, lost and confused.  Westside co-operative in oprichting is a new organization taking residence at Burg. De Vlugtlaan 125 and is a part of De Vlugt broedplaats, where SAMA are an active bestuur member.

First in the series, the five days exhibition will be called (CON)temporary Urban Lifestyles: FASHION and dedicated to exploring the gaining virality of city-making alternatives in a fluid world without borders.  Fashioning an object is exactly what multimedia artists today do. Our inspiration is drawn from the intimate knowledge of recent collaborations such as Prada/Stinkfish, Orticanoodles/Guess, Spok/Pepe Jeans, Kenor/adidas, JR/NYC Ballet.  These are just some examples of contemporary independent cross-media productions, whereby urban art begins to gain heavy influence on our livestyles through fashion.


"people meet by the way they dress, and separate by the way they think" my grandma

“ I am in love with the liminal, third-space, left-over parts which are often right in the middle of the most vital parts of the city, but sometimes tucked away a little more. I like areas where people are doing a lot of walking. Advertising is always trying to place itself a million miles above us, looming down with the shiniest flashiest most disconnected depictions of beauty, just out of reach like the rest of its promises. I find myself trying to get down below that, at eye level, where people are walking and to depict the life that exists here at the bottom edge, our ordinary reality as it remains connected to the ground. ”

—    SWOON in URBAN ILLUSTRATION BERLIN (street art city guide), 2009



We are proud to present: ARTCHES Open Art Galleries, scheduled to have a grand unveiling during The Amsterdam Museum Night 2012, 4 November. This unique project - which already received endorsement from municipal planning agency Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Gemeente Amsterdam - will nest in the heart of the new Sloterdijk Station in Westpoort Amsterdam: The second biggest station in Amsterdam and within the top nine in The Netherlands.

What is ARTCHES?

The train tracks of the Sloterdijk Station are supported by two rows of 60 impressive but boring pillars made of grey cement. 6 of these pillars will be transformed into ARTCHES with monumental paintings of 12 internationally renowned artists. Via the use of QR-codes, the ARTCHES experience will be expanded to a rich online experience.  More possible places shall be rolled out in the foreseeable future.

 Who’s behind ARTCHES?

Stichting Glamorous Outcasts is an arts and culture foundation registered in the Netherlands. The foundation is involved in planning and organising public and community art projects, and works in close partnership with Urban Symbiose architects and Hello,Savants! creative new media collective.

Our goal

The ultimate goal is urban regeneration and community involvement through the ARTCHES project that covers the successful symbioses of international and local art with architecture.  By giving Westpoort a face, a life; ARTCHES will not only transform the anonymous and ghostly Westpoort area into a vivacious historical landmark of the city of Amsterdam. It will also ignite curiosity of media & press, resulting in global coverage.

The audience

Numerous companies are looking into the opportunities to create an ecologically exciting environment for about 54,000 employees that work in the Westpoort area. Almost all of those pass Sloterdijk Station’s 60 pillars each day. Real estate and project development companies are working hard to interest and attract even more business.

Over 10,000 students from 4 colleges in the area will directly be reached by the project and/or involved in the realisation: Hout- en Meubileringscollege, Hogeschool Tio (toeristische informatie opleiding), Mediacollege Amsterdam and ROCA (techniekopleidingen).

The energy of over 100,000 daily train and metro passengers in transit will be ignited to generate mass spread of the ARTCHES project through the new media means.

About the art

Through management by Glamorous Outcasts and sponsorship by culture funds and local businesses 12 internationally renowned artists, each with at least 10,0000 followers on the internet, will:

• deliver 12 monumental paintings;

• engage residents and visitors via new media tools and supporting online content;

• enhance the existing magnificence of architecture with warm and vibrant art;

• create one of the biggest in the Netherlands art galleries with the open door policy.

The paintings will be displayed on wooden canvases made out of recycled wood and can be removed without damage to the architecture and placed on display at another spot in a city or a country (scalable, moving exhibition).

Sponsoring and partnership opportunities

Opportunities to advertise, sponsor or to do partnerships with ARTCHES can all be explored to accommodate individual ROI requirements.


• Dragon’s Den sessies, Nationaal Bedrijventerrein Congress 2011, Amsterdam –  invited speaker “little love for Teleport” Street Museum of Modern Art

  Amsterdam Street Art Week Sloterdijk Location – temporary installation Het Parool article

 Creative Financing of the Arts Symposium 2011, 22 March 2011, Creative Factory, Rotetrdam – invited speaker on Street Museum of Modern Art

 Sloterplas Festival 2010 – invited speaker on Street Museum of Modern Art

• Kennisland Safari 2010 Amsterdam development -

• PARASITE 2010 – originator of street intervention for New West City Hall with


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